Alexa + ElliottGreek Culture

I really wish I had the words to describe Alexa and Elliott’s family. Normally I would go on and on about how spectacular their venue was or how much creativity they put into their day and how perfect the weather was etc.. This family is absolutely dynamic! It was amazing to see and experience the tradition and culture. From stuffing money into the brides shoes to having the groomsmen take turns shaving Elliott before the ceremony. Although some of these traditions equate to good luck for the bride and groom, I find it hard to believe that they needed it. Alexa and Elliott (aka Bubba) have a long history together. I was able to create a picture slideshow for them to show at the rehearsal dinner of their history together. It was awe-inspiring to see them as kids sitting on the bleachers with the puppy love look in their eyes to now, solidifying what was obviously meant to be. I still get choked up when I watch the speech from Alexa’s father. Timon, Alexa’s older brother, always had a watchful eye out for his little sister. He was pivotal in keeping the traditions in check. At one point he mentioned it was time to go up an put money in Alexa’s shoes and someone said “what if I only have twenties?” His response was “then you’ll use twenties”. Love it! Not only are we thankful for them trusting us with one of the most important days of their lives, we are fortunate to have them as clients friends….P.S. It was a spectacular venue, the weather was perfect and the creativity was off the charts :)

Nicole + RyanParadise at Nestledown

It’s been said that some may forget things you’ve said and perhaps things you’ve done or even what you wore last Friday, but they won’t forget this day!When we first met Nicole and Ryan we knew instantly that their day was going to be amazing. Not because of the amazing venue or flower arrangements, but because of the kind of people they are and those they surround themselves with. Quite honestly, we felt like better beings after filming their day. Kind of like going to a Tony Robbins life-coaching seminar. Except we were filming and it was a couple, who found true love in a bar :)

Jen + FredLove From France

Truly amazing story on how Jennifer and Fred met, it took over 10 years for them to get to this day. Thanks to Facebook, Fred was able track down the girl who took his breath away.  It was so cool to see so many culturally diverse folks from around the world. One of my favorite parts is when Fred surprised Jen with a performance from the heart, and everyone got involved!

Nina + MarkA Harvest Inn Wedding

It’s pretty rare that we are surrounded by so much talent! Everywhere we turned there were amazing singers and pianists. Nina and Mark are incredibly genuine, romantic and down to earth kind of people. Mark made all us guys look bad when I found out that he makes late night grilled cheese and reads nighttime stories to his beautiful bride. This is not to mention that in addition to playing the piano beautifully, he’s quite the dancer! During the Parsee Unity Ceremony Nina and Mark were separated by a sheet, then surrounded seven times with string. They both were given rose petals and when the sheet dropped whoever hit the other with the petals will run the relationship! You should have seen the cat-like reflexes on both of them :). The team and I have the frame by frame video playback on that one!