We can’t tell how amazing it was to be a part of Taylor and Angela’s amazing day! We had the pleasure of working with them for two straight days on their project. They truly accepted us into their group and were treated like part of the family. Taylor being the masterful film student he is, was very informative on key moments throughout the two days. It was refreshing to see all their family and friends come together to create an amazingly beautiful site. Graham, his best man was awesome! He made this crazy ice table that weighed upwards of 800 pounds! I have to say I was blown away that those guys were able to move it! All the staff at Legends at Bennett Valley were truly professional and fun to work with. To see all the family and staff from Legends transform the clubhouse into a spectacular wedding venue was simply breathtaking. The reception party was crazy! Taylor surprised Angela by taking piano lessons and performing their song in front of all the guests! He’s the kind of guy that makes us “other” guys look bad! :) Wonderbread 5 was even there to back him up and for those of you who don’t know who they are, well your missing out! We’ll be posting their show too! Thank you Taylor and Angela, for letting us be a part of such an amazing day!