I loved David and Denise before I even met them. One evening I was checking our messages and there they were. Some if it I made out but half of it was the two of them laughing hysterically. Jen and I listened to to the message three times and every time found ourselves giggling right along with them. The funny part is we weren’t sure what we were laughing at. Like many people out there, the decision to hire someone to create a wedding “video” is usually last on the list. There was the time when you would see a friends wedding video and yawn yourself to death. Still, we had never seen a reaction like theirs. To this day we’re not sure exactly why they were laughing so hard. We can only speculate that it was the difference between what we do and what they had seen in the past. Maybe David cracked a good joke as Denise was trying to call, who knows! I’ll run with thats how much they liked what we do :).  David and Denise both being active theatrical performers wowed us at every turn. I spent the majority of the day hanging out with David. At one point when he was getting ready with Victor (David’s Father) I heard them discussing lemon drops. Victor keeps them on hand for his grand kids, “thats a two lemon drop job!”. I loved that moment of the day. David later told me that his father was a brilliant rocket scientist. Wow! The first part of the day was very lighthearted and fun. David and family did most of the set up, including his right hand man Jon (thanks for the beautiful books Jon!). I can’t explain to anyone the emotional connection that David and Denise are on or how amazing their family and friends are. I can however, show you through our eyes what we were fortunate to see that day. We are deeply saddened to hear of Victors passing. We dedicate this one to you… *Team Daydreamer*