Like people, there’s no such thing as a “perfect” wedding, but we had a hard time not deeming their amazing day just that. Sarah seemed to have a built in diffused glow about her all day. No photoshop needed when it comes to this family! Amit seemed to be ten feet tall that day, seriously – he’s super tall. Amazing demeanor this guy. He makes smart look cool! I think I was freaking out more than he was :) Everywhere you looked there was a story. If it wasn’t wedding pictures of all their closest friends and family beautifully displayed, it was performances from Mom and Sisters. The speeches were among the best we’ve ever witnessed, the emotion and the laughter, either way you teared up! Favorite quote from the day “between the two of them, they have more degrees than a thermostat”! We could’t imagine a better union between to amazing families. Congratulations Sarah + Amit, to us you are perfect. – J&J